Woman Demonstrates How To Sift Out Worms

Ahhhh, summer is almost upon us in North America and one of the perfect accompaniments is a lush green lawn. It may not be the first thing that springs to mind when you think of summer, but hear me out! If for you, summer conjures up visions of BBQs and running through sprinklers, and ice cream and long days spent by the pool, then you should be all ears. Or, watching sunsets, eating popsicles, wedges of juicy watermelon, glasses of icy cold lemonade and sitting around eating cherries. If you like to do any or all of these things, then you know that they can be further enhanced with a sprawling backyard and a thick, green lawn to run around or lounge on! It’s for both kids and big kids alike!

So to make sure your lawn is healthy and thriving and ready to go for the best months out of the year, do your homework like this mom! While some lawn care methods are obvious, others are not. And this trick will help you!

What is an armyworm? They are invasive worms that munch through the nutrients of the soil, robbing the grass of the vitamins and minerals it needs to grow green and abundant. They move as a massive collective just under the surface of the grass and devour pretty much everything. They love crops like tomatoes and corn, and their path of destruction is fast and wide-spread. Hence their name, armyworms, like a troop of worms going into battle against your lawn, and winning the war!

Don’t let these micro soldiers eat their way through your backyard. Try this method to locate and identify whether or not you have these guys in your backyard, so you can take the next steps to get rid of them! All you need is a bucket, water, and some dish detergent to toss onto the troublesome patch of grass. If it brings up the worms, you know what you’re dealing with. They will literally start to sprout up!!

Click below to watch this woman’s super easy tip to suss out your worm situation. Heads up, you may have to get your hands dirty and touch these wiggly wormies!

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