This House Now Belongs To Cats. You Have Never Seen Anything Like This!

When the Hoffman family in Germany moved into a rental apartment in 2006, they had an unexpected resident sleeping within their house. A small cat by the name of “Mogli” lived in the upstairs apartment in the complex. Although the Hoffmans were allergic to cats, they soon fell in love with Mogli and miraculously their allergies disappeared from one day to another!  [googlead]This new-found love of cats let the couple to create a more livable and fun living space for the cat, eventually leading to the creation of Goldtatze, a cat furniture company.

The Hoffman’s created a kitty’s paradise to keep them entertained with their own stairs, walkways and beds.cats1

They certainly didn’t want Mogli to be bored looking out of windows and sleeping all day.cat21

They created whole landscapes that cats could explore without ever having to touch the floor.cats2


They custom design each piece and sell them all over the world from Germany.cats4

You could buy these and put photos of your own cats all over the internet and on MetaSpoon!cats5

But if you do decide to get these, make sure you keep a ladder handy to clean and get to your cats often! cats6

Make sure not to use your cat’s new bed as a bookshelf or you might find your books shredded on the ground.cats7

Your cats will be happy and will likely stop destroying your couch and blinds to thank you.cats9


So if you are a cat lover and don’t mind building a cat city on your walls and your ceiling then this is for you! Make sure you share this kitty paradise with your friends.

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