Busy Mother Of 5 Receives Makeover

Many would agree that parenting is the hardest or one of the hardest duties in the world. Several parents go as far as to make significant sacrifices for their children.

If we bring Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs into the picture, physiological, safety, and love come before the need for self-esteem. For some, parenting can be so exhausting, life-changing, and time-consuming that sometimes only the first two levels of Maslow’s theory are met for them. The latter is more common than we think. 

In fact, in 2013, an exhausted mother-of-four named Charity appeared on the “Rachel Ray Show” in need of a little upgrade. Charity’s four boys kept her so busy that her hair was the last thing on her mind; her boys meant more to her.

However, Charity’s thick, long, wavy hair became more inconvenient as it grew longer with time, often getting tangled, caught in objects, and matted. Her hair ended up growing to her hips, and she admitted that both cutting and styling her hair were put last on her list of importance. But all of that changed when she received a complimentary makeover on the “Rachel Ray Show.”

However, five years after the haircut, it seemed that Charity ended up taking one step forward and three steps back as the mess occurred all over again as not much longer after her transformation, she became unexpectedly pregnant with her fifth child.

Charity even decided to quit the job she loved to parent full-time. Raising her five children became her absolute top priority.

However, the “Rachel Ray Show” gave this sweet mother a second shot, offering her another makeover yet again, and she went for it!

In a viral video, Charity walks out after her makeover with a red romper, cute heels, and lighter-colored, curled locks that extend a bit past her shoulders, and wow, she instantly looked 20 years younger! This hard-working mother was completely deserving of this transformation.

Overall, self-care is important, and everyone deserves it, but we can take away from this viral story another reason why judging a book by its cover is wrong.

Both mothers and fathers are often guilty of setting aside their own wants and needs due to the financial, physical, mental, and emotional demands of parenting.

Adding a job, pets, and dozens of other responsibilities into the mix, it becomes clear why some people put themselves last. While selfless, we all need to remember at times, to do what we require and desire from now and then.

To see Charity’s incredible transformation, check out the video below!

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