Man Builds Multi-Story Beach Shack With Hidden Rooms Buried Under The Sand


When going to the beach, many of us like to make creative sandcastles, construct a sand chair or couch, or dig a deep hole in the sand to create a “secluded” space for us to relax in. Although our supplies are usually limited to sand, saltwater, seashells, and seaweed, there are endless opportunities to create a fun structure on the beach.

Thanks to the limited supplies and tools we have on hand, creating these sandy fabrications allow us to get in tune with our engineering, construction, and creative sides in ways we never have before. Best of all, we don’t need a license or degree to create the sand structure of our dreams, allowing us to let our imaginations run completely wild. Who doesn’t love building a good ole sandcastle anyway?

But not all minds think alike. Masterminds like Lincolnshire, England inventor, and plumber, Colin Furze, had something a little different in mind when he visited the beach one day. Rather than building your usual sand structure, he decided to build a legit shack right on the beach!

According to Furze, “I love digging holes on the beach, so this is taking it to another level.” You could say that again.

Although it might seem like a project one wouldn’t finish, Furze wasn’t all talk and no action. The final product consisted of a bold, cherry red hut with not one but four stories. The top story sits at ground level while the other three stories are located below the sand! Furze even took the time to decorate the inside of each room and place tropical landscaping outside the front entrance to the home.

The sad news is, the hut Furze made was only meant to be temporary. He certainly had his reasons: “It’s finished and for a random idea I had, it turned out great. Now, this project has caused quite a stir and even been called my most dangerous project, as digging in sand is risky. It was sad to take it down as I couldn’t leave it there as someone would probably take a dump in it and it would collapse at some point, but we shall remember it as the best beach hut the east coast has ever seen…cut to old people crying,” says Furze.

Although it would have been nice for Furze’s creative hut to live on for many years, he did the right thing by taking the structure down. Regardless, there’s video footage that will forever capture the adorable shack he created!

Be sure to “tour” the beach shack in the following video.

The hut might be small from the outside, but a lot of hard work still went into its creation. There’s no doubt about it!

Check out the video below to see how Colin Furze and his friend Rick constructed the hut!

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