Man Buys Old Double Decker Bus And Turns It Into the Ultimate Dream Home

They say home is where the heart is. For some of us, home might be in a cozy cabin in the mountains. Others might consider home to be a condo along a breezy beach, a townhouse in the hustle and bustle of a city, a tiny cottage out in the beautiful countryside, or a colony in the town they grew up in. Nevertheless, when searching for a home to call our own, there are certain characteristics we look for. The right amount of space, plenty of rooms and a large closet, a favorable yard, friendly neighbors, and a safe location might be some of the primary things that lead us to consider a house a “home.”

For some folks, however, it’s not always about finding a house that feels like a home, but rather, taking a structure or building and turning it into something you consider home. This was true for Adam Collier in Brighton, UK when he bought an old double-decker bus and turned it into his dream home!

With his love for reusing and recycling along with his fascination with double-decker buses, which can be found left and right in the UK, you bet Collier was thrilled when he purchased a run-down bus at just £4,500 (approximately $5,700 USD). What a bargain! At first, the company he purchased it from was shocked that the buyer wasn’t someone from the scrapyard trying to take the bus off their hands, but rather, someone else.

Although one might question why anyone would want an old bus, Collier had a goal in mind. The first thing he did the following morning was tell his daughter his plan to transform the bus into their new home with just £10,000 (approximately $12,700 USD). With his daughter unconfident with the whole transformation, Collier was still determined to make it work–and he did.

After removing the 42 seats from the bus, providing insulation, adding beams to the bus for additional support, and generally cleaning the place up while leaving some of the original pieces intact, it was now time for Collier to furnish and decorate his new three-bedroom home.

While he ended up spending a total of £15,000 (approximately $19,000 USD) on the renovation, not quite meeting his original budget, it was money well spent. On top of that, Collier definitely earned bragging rights!

“It’s been tough. It was a tough build. I found it really difficult. Physically, it’s been difficult. Mentally, it’s been difficult. Financially, it’s been difficult. But, I mean, it’s totally worth it in the end, and I’m absolutely over the moon,” says Collier.

To see the complete renovation from start to finish, be sure to watch the video below! Would you consider living in a double-decker bus?

Source: Relieved

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