This “Cube Test” Reveals The TRUTH About Your Personality… And It’s Blowing Everyone’s Mind!

To be honest, I’ve never been one for “personality tests.” Personality tests often ask you a series of questions that you need to answer as honestly as possible. Based on your answers, the test then reveals your personality type. I’ve taken several of these tests and often found myself thinking that the results were horribly inaccurate or much too vague. Then again, I have friends that absolutely love taking these types of tests and they swear by the results.

Admittedly, personality tests can be pretty fun but when different personality tests are giving you conflicting results, you have to wonder which tests are actually legitimate and which ones are junk. So that’s why I’ve tended to ignore them. But recently, a “cube test”  has set the internet on fire because of its shocking accuracy.

So what the heck is the cube test? The cube test is a mental “kokology” quiz. Kokology comes from “kokoro,” which is Japanese for “spirit” or “mind.” Accordingly, kokology is about self-discovery and kokology quizes help reveal your hidden attitudes about family, love, work, and life through “guided daydreams.”  So the cube test is about tapping into your subconscious mind to reveal the truth about your personality.

The test is in the video below. Make sure you answer the questions as honestly as possible, go with the first things that comes to your head, and try not to predict the answers.

Once you’ve completed the test, please do share your results with us and let us know what you think! And don’t forget to share this incredible cube test with your friends and family!


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