Dad Sings For Deaf Son. He Starts Sobbing When He Look Into Boy’s Eyes.

There’s nothing like a good country song to really make you feel better. This genre is written from the first-person experience with lyrics that pull at your heartstrings because they’re so human. There’s a lot of these kinds of songs that touch upon some part of life that everyone can relate to, like growing up, your first heartbreak, meeting someone who changes your life, finding strength through the bad time and the list goes on! I remember listening to some old country songs growing up and they’re still my go-to classics when I’m not feeling myself, or need a little pick-me-up.

For Zach Oxendine, his son Judah was born very prematurely, at only 23 weeks, weighing one pound and eight ounces. Doctors did all they could to ensure a healthy delivery, but Judah was born with a lung disease, cerebral palsy and is deaf.

Through the good days and the bad, Zach loves his beautiful son to the moon and back. He knows that whatever the circumstance, they will get through it, hard or easy. That’s what makes this video extra special. This is a moment caught in time, of Zach cranking up the country music, listening to his favorite song “Boy” by Lee Brice. Zach scoops up Judah and the two are waltzing around the room.

Playing music isn’t uncommon in the Oxendine household. Zach loves to sing, and Judah loves to be around it. He understands the meaning, picking up on dad’s emotions and feeling his love. Zach’s wife Linda was sure to grab the camera quickly for this one, because once the song comes one, Zach is belting out the tune, and the two boys are picture perfect! Little Judah is nestled into dad’s neck, as he moves around the room. But then dad gets a little flustered.

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The song is very emotional. It’s about raising a little boy and how before he becomes a man, he’s got a lot of learning to do! Moments in, Zach gets shy! He gets embarrassed because he’s crying which only makes him bawl harder. Not just one or two tears, but full on crying. He’s trying to wipe away the waterworks, but it’s not working. Linda is trying to get him to keep singing, by saying, “It’s ok to cry, sing it to him!”

Zach eventually sits down with Judah and continues the song, and the baby boy is so responsive! There’s no denying how much he feels dad’s love and pride in this touching father and son moment.

Click below to watch how choked up Zach get. He loves his son so deeply.

Source: FaithTap

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