Dad Singing Duet With Baby Girl Has Mom Grateful She Grabbed The Camera In Time

It does my heart good to see parents singing sweetly to their newborns! What greater gift and better way to bond with your child? This is the perfect time to entertain and get them used to hear your voice. Music helps with development and learning how to listen. And when your voice is as good as this dad’s, it’s a pleasure for everyone listening! Not to mention, what an excellent song choice!

Maybe I’m a little biased. After all, Aladdin was and is my favorite Disney movie with “A Whole New World” being such an incredible song! And for a baby too! This is a whole new world for any newborn.

Dad Aaron Hills is seen here holding his brand new baby girl. He is singing to her in his beautiful voice, hitting all the right notes. He is softly and slowly serenading her. Then, all of a sudden, she starts to chime in. Keeping up with dad, they are singing their first duet — the cutest duet ever!

Her incoherent sounds are adorable as she attempts to sing along and keep the pace. She is smiley and mesmerized. She even waves her arms around. Just as dad reaches the chorus, she pauses, looking at him with so much love in her eyes. Clearly, she is already daddy’s girl and loves hanging out with her cool dad. She’s sure to be as musical as him when she grows up. Thank goodness mom caught the impromptu show just in time! What a great moment.

Click below to watch Aaron and his baby girl sing in unison. She’s a mini princess Jasmine!

Source: ShareTap

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