Baby Girl Stops Crying When She Hears Her Dad Sing

With no manual or go-to instructions, babies come into this world and parents have to hit the ground running! And, when it comes to crying, it pulls at every mom and dad’s heartstrings. It means their bundle of joy is uncomfortable or needs something. It means unhappiness or lack of something, and because the poor baby can’t quite express his/herself, it can send new, concerned parents into a tizzy trying to figure out what’s going on!

So. once you’ve ruled out sleepiness, hungriness, a diaper change and a couple of other factors as the baby’s source of crying, it’s probably because, well, mom and dad, you’re kinda boring and baby wants to play!

Sometimes I cry when I’m bored, too! Just kidding, but as a baby, that interaction is important for development, and feeling alone or unenthused can cause any baby who hasn’t developed enough to entertain themselves, into a frustrated flurry of tears and crying. Dad Tyrone Wells is with his baby girl Aria, and she’s a little fussy right now. She’s in her baby seat in the car, and she’s upset. She’s clearly unhappy and acting up, so dad steps in with the one thing that cheers her up every single time!

Lucky for Aria, her dad is an accomplished singer, songwriter, and musician. With over 11 albums under his belt, he’s pretty musically inclined. He’s recorded and produced all around the world, garnering many fans in many different countries, but his biggest fan is his littlest daughter! Just as Aria is getting swept away in her tantrum, dad hits play, and Aria’s face changes immediately.

It’s daddy’s voice singing a song he wrote. It’s called “Beautiful Girl” and his lyrics and singing voice are equal parts simple, but hard-hitting, and well, beautiful! “You fit me perfectly, darling it’s plain to see, you are a beautiful girl. Here in the present tense next to your innocence, this is a beautiful world. A beautiful girl makes a beautiful world…” It’s a gentle lullaby that immediately comforts Aria, sending her into a fit of smiles and little baby sounds that are just too precious! She even tries to sing along, loving the music she’s hearing. She’s totally engaged and feeling uplifted and loved.

Try a tactic like this one the next time you’re around a crying baby, I can almost guarantee it’ll work!

Click below to watch dad work his magic and soothe his baby girl immediately!

Source: FaithTap

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