Man Demonstrates How Simple Spray Can Defrost Windshield

Believe it or not, but winter is upon us. Soon enough, we’ll be waking up to freezing temperatures and coming out to the car windows frosted like no tomorrow. I think over anything else that winter brings, frosted windows are my biggest enemy! You see, I tend to be late every morning and waiting to defrost the windows just adds to the time it takes to get to work. If you’re like me, you’re always trying to search up a quick fix to these bad boys.

If you think you’ve heard every solution for defrosting your vehicle’s windshield windows, there’s one you haven’t heard of just yet—and it WORKS!

Best of all, this simple trick ensures one can achieve frost-free windows in a matter of seconds. That’s pretty comparable to the minutes it can take for a car defroster to get the job done. It’s never a good thing, especially when you’re late to work and already have to drive through foggy or snowy conditions. And since it’s that time of year again, why not we discuss this matter now?

You can save both time and energy with the simple solution weatherman Ken Weathers (fitting last name, eh?) has shared via video. You’ll never touch that defroster button again as long as you abide by Ken’s tactic.

In this video, he says that placing warm water on your car windows is dangerous. Some have the intention that warm water will counteract the chilling frost on their windows. However, the window is prone to breaking. Bringing a little physics lesson into this scenario, what happens is that the frosty glass windows expand instantly when warm water hits it. So, why is this bad? Well, the outer windshield that was exposed to the warm water expands while the inside remains contracted, which is why the glass may shatter.

With warm water out of the picture, what next? Some may think, “Oh, I’ll just wipe my windshield with a towel or an old t-shirt.” Wiping your windows initially may seem to help, but then as your car heats up when you turn it on, you windows become filled with water droplets.

Ken, instead, uses a scientific approach to solve your frosted window problem, thanks to his meteorology background; he creates a spray with only TWO simple ingredients, ones that you conveniently already have at home. The spray takes seconds to make, and the application of the spray takes seconds as well for instant results. What could be better than that?

Sure, you’re itching to find out what the trick is for a quick window defrost, so view the video below to find out!

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