Devoted Dog Sneaks Out Of The House To Locate His Owner In The Hospital

If you’ve ever owned different types of pets, you probably know that while every animal has its own temperament, some species are more social than others. For example, cats are usually pretty independent while dogs thoroughly enjoy the company of humans. Due to this difference alone, it’s no wonder that some people call themselves a “cat person” while others deem themselves a “dog person.”

Like many dogs, Zander the white husky is definitely more on the outgoing side of the spectrum. So, when his owner, John Dolan, went to the hospital to get treatment for skin ulcers, the canine wasn’t happy. A part of Zander was missing the second he realized his favorite human would be gone for a while.

Tired of missing John, Zander decided to sneak out of the house in the middle of the night to look for him. With his keen sense of smell, the husky was able to make the two-mile trek to the Good Samaritan Hospital in West Islip, New York where John was located.

Along the journey, Zander had to walk through residential areas, the Montauk Highway, and nature reserve. Regardless of what the journey entailed, he made it outside of the hospital.

Not long after showing up at the West Islip hospital, a nurse spotted the lone husky. After checking his tags, the nurse called John’s cell phone, which was listed on Zander’s tags, to inform him that he found his dog outside of the hospital.

Little did the nurse know, however, that John was admitted to the same hospital that his dog was sitting out in front of! After the nurse informed him to come pick him up at the Good Samaritan Hospital, John responded with, “I can’t go and get him. I’m in the hospital myself!”

What amazing moment it must have been to find out that your beloved dog followed you all the way to the hospital, completely alone!

Interestingly, while John was away, Zander wasn’t alone as John’s wife, Priscilla, was also home. Zander just missed his best friend. “My wife had told me the dog is moping around,” says John.

In fact, according to Priscilla, the husky was sprawled out on John’s side of the bed, howling in sadness for him while he was away. John’s wife believes that Zander has a special bond with John because he was the one who rescued him from the shelter.

Zander truly is a loyal canine!

Watch the video below to see more of what Zander’s owner had to say in response to the incident

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