You WON’T Believe Why This Man Is Pouring Water Into Diapers… This Trick Is Pure GENIUS!

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m terrible at gardening. I can bury a few seeds in some soil but don’t ask me about any particulars because frankly, I’m just improvising.

The last time I wanted a few plants for my home, I went to the nearest gardening centre and thought that it would be fairly straight-forward. Nope. They had all kinds of different plants that needed different levels of sun, that thrived in different types of soil, and so I had to get some serious help from one of the employees. Heck, I didn’t even realize I needed saucers and bigger pots w for when the plants grew, and I almost left the place without buying any soil which my plants would have needed to, you know, live. Yep, I am completely clueless when it comes to plants and gardening.

And watering my plants? Ugh… this is pretty much the main reason why plant ownership isn’t for me. I mean, I can have an expert tell me which plants to get and what tools and equipment to buy, but I’m horribly forgetful and I’ve also overwatered my plants a few times too many. Far too many plants have died under my watch (or lackthereof). But then I came across this amazing trick and honestly, this has made my thumbs greener than ever.

You know how diapers are made to be super abosrbant? Well, if you take out the stuff inside a diaper, you can use it to create a super absorbant super soil that can hold twice as much water than usual! In other words, your plants can go twice as long without being watered. Sounds good to me!

Watch the video below for the full details. It sounds so strange but it actually makes a lot of sense! Don’t forget to share this surprising trick with your friends.

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