Twin Girls Born With Unmatching Skin Colors Embrace Their Differences

Genetics are interesting. Did you know that you and your sibling(s), even being born to the same parents, can have different ethnic backgrounds? I was surprised when I took a DNA test and discovered I was part Middle Eastern while my brother wasn’t at all. While it’s a fairly slim percentage, I have yet to find out who in my family I received my Middle Eastern blood from.

While genetic testing isn’t 100 percent accurate due to its complexities, it’s very common to be born with different ethnicities or different percentages of shared ethnicities than your closest family members. However, when twin sisters, Lucy and Maria Aylmer from Gloucester in the United Kingdom, were born with completely different skin colors, everyone, including their parents, was stunned.

Lucy was born with a paler complexion, ginger hair, and light-colored eyes whereas Maria featured caramel skin, fuller lips, and darker hair and eyes. While the girls shared some physical features, nobody would have guessed that the two were sisters, let alone, twins. In fact, in an interview, which can be watched below, Lucy explains how she was taunted by bullies in school who thought she was adopted.

In reality, Maria and Lucy share the same parents and, in fact, shared the same womb at the exact same time. The girls were born to Donna, who’s Caucasian, and Vince, who’s half Jamaican. The biracial twins also have two older brothers and one older sister, all of whom have different complexions as well.

But their physical looks aren’t the only things that set Lucy and Maria apart. Lucy considers herself to have a more introverted personality whereas Maria is very outgoing. Fashion-wise, Maria mostly flaunts curly hair or braids and prefers feminine, chic clothing, although wears the occasional sweater or hoodie. Meanwhile, her twin sister has an edgier style and typically straightens her long locks. Today, the now 22-year-old Lucy also has several piercings, tattoos, and dyed hair while Maria has a more conservative appearance.

While their differences continue to grow, both girls are looking stunning today as they flaunt their individual personalities, interests, and physical traits. To watch them progress over the years, give both Maria and Lucy a follow on Instagram!

The most beautiful thing about these two girls isn’t their shocking dissimilarities as twin sisters but the fact that despite their physical differences and their varying interests and paths in life, they still remain close. That’s really what matters the most.

For more information on the twin sisters, check out the video below where the two are interviewed at the age of 18.

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