Zero Fuss DIY Solution Safely Removes Salt From Leather Fast

Anyone who has to live through the dark, cold winter months knows it’s worth it for the beauty and warm breeze of summer. Winter is just a necessary part of life that has to be lived through, but it’s tough.

No matter how you slice it, roads become slippery and dangerous, snow drifts and piles ups become the norm, and cold winds cut through jackets, straight into your bones. Winter can be beautiful, and it is just another season, but it seriously wreaks havoc on everything it touches, including (but not limited to) leather shoes.

Oh, those familiar granular white marks that are everywhere. The ones you get on cars, coats, jackets, animals, small children, the list goes on. With freezing rain, snow and sleet come slippery conditions that absolutely require salt for the safety of drivers and pedestrians in the great outdoors.

But it’s your shoes that get hit the hardest, they’re in the trenches, at the front line battling the onslaught of salt. And it’s usually the salt that wins, scarring up your leather boots and shoes, leaving unsightly white gashes.

There is a simple solution to save your leather, and it’s not just for shoes. This will help any leather piece devastated by salt. The antidote involves a clean cloth, vinegar, water, some leather conditioner, and bam! Your leather is restored, sans salt.

Click below to get a quick rundown on how to easily restore your leather pieces.

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