This Brave Dog Was Diagnosed With Cancer So His Owners Helped Him Conquer His Canine Bucket List.

Romeo is a sweetheart boxer from BC, Canada, who was diagnosed with bone cancer. In response to the sorrowful news, Romeo’s owners, Riina and Jon Cooke, came up with a plan to help give him the fulfilling life that he deserved. Riina and Jon started a bucket list for Romeo so that he could do something amazing each day. [googlead]

Romeo gets a “paw-dicure” and has his nails painted blue at a doggie salon.

A spot at the dinner table for Romeo as he gets to enjoy a McDonald’s cheeseburger!

A selfie with Riina at the first park he visited as a puppy!

First beer at the bar with his proud papa!

Making a cash donation to the local animal shelter.

Going for a ride in a police car…

…and a fire truck!

Cuddle time with friends!

Seeing the sunset on his favourite trail.

Such a loving family!

And in case your face isn’t streaming with tears yet, here’s a video…

Source: Huffington Post

I know that this is such a heart breaking story but it’s so beautiful to see that memories of this incredible dog will live on forever thanks to his loving parents.

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