Curious Husky Figures That Sitting On A Fountain Isn’t A Smart Idea

I used to love going to the local water park as a kid. I remember walking over to the fountains with my grandmother and enjoying myself in the water. Fountains and sprinklers were very common back in the day, more than they are now, and so it never came as a surprise for kids like me when we saw water spilling out of the ground. This wasn’t the case with the husky in the video below.

The pup is in for a funny and wet surprise when he visits his local water park. He goes to the fountain and just can’t fathom how and why there is water coming out from the ground. You can see him roaming around, confused, and even slightly amused with what was going on around him.

The fountains in this video are the ones that go on and off every couple of seconds, so a point came when there was no water rushing out of the ground. Perhaps the canine thought that there would be no more water coming out, period, so he carefully situates himself right on top of one of the fountains.

Much to his dismay, moments later, the husky gets a hilarious surprise—a whole lot of water squirting right onto his backside! The dog couldn’t believe what was happening and maybe he was also shocked that the fountains started working again! His reaction was priceless!

Whatever the case may be, it’s clear that the pup doesn’t like water and fountains much, but his experience at the water park is a story to tell!

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