These Quick And Easy Homemade Donuts Look Delicious, But Here Are More Great Kitchen Tricks!

It’s the middle of the night and you wake up out of a drowsy sleep. Look over at your phone to see what time it is and it’s somewhere between one and two o’clock in the morning. It’s the weekend, so you have nowhere to be tomorrow and there’s no pressing reason to fall back asleep right away. Which is good, because you can’t fall back asleep because you’re too hungry. All of the nearby stores are closed (it is the middle of the night, after all) and you don’t really want to drive anywhere. So, you start a mental list of the yummy snacks in your kitchen. Unfortunately, that list is incredibly short. You have a couple of choices. You can lay there all night thinking about how much you really want a snack or you can use some of the meager ingredients in your kitchen to cook up something absolutely delicious.

Chances are, that if you look hard enough in the back of your refrigerator or your freezer you’ll find a roll of those pre-made biscuits. You know the kind, twist the can and they pop open. Believe it or not, those biscuits and just a few other ingredients make quick, delicious, and fresh donuts in just a few minutes. This is a must try and I can guarantee you’ll want to keep the ingredients around for future late night emergencies.

In case these amazing donuts aren’t enough, this video has a bunch of quick and easy food hacks using common ingredients. I had no idea that making your own ice cream out of left over half and half is so incredibly simple. Or that making your butter isn’t hard at all. I’m definitely making my own mayo and a quick microwave scrambled egg is tonight’s midnight snack!

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