He Was Going To Throw This Old Door In The Garbage. Now Watch What He Does Instead… GENIUS!

When you’re renovating your home, what do you do with the stuff that you’re replacing? In some cases, you might be able to put them up for sale but in most cases, it ends up in the waste disposable bin. But isn’t that a shame? Many people hate the idea of throwing away items that are, for the most part, still usable. That’s why upcycling, a form of recycling, has been a growing and very welcome trend!

What is upcycling? Essentially, it’s repurposing something old into something new. If you can salvage something, you might as well turn it into something that you can love all over again. But the challenge for many people is that it requires a lot of creativity. For example, “what the heck can I do with an old door?” Glad you asked!

ShabbyDIY is going to show you how to transform your old door into a very cool and unique coffee table. Here’s a breakdown of the steps…

  1. Cut the door down to the needed size, keeping symmetry in mind
  2. Remove the old finish using a sander (a wire wheel might be needed for the harder-to-reach spaces)
  3. Apply a stain to the door
  4. Flip the door, position some table legs and measure out the distances between them
  5. Using the measurements, cut four wood boards
  6. Using a Kreg jig, drill two pocket holes into both ends of each wooden board
  7. Assemble the table frame by drilling screws into the pocket holes, attaching the wooden boards to the table legs
  8. Stain the table frame
  9. Lay the table frame on the door (unstained-side up)
  10. Attach the table frame to the door using mounting brackets and screws

Check out the video below for the full instructions! Of course, feel free to get creative and add your own twist to this DIY project.

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