Bananas Go Through So Many Stages But Here Are The Ones We Should Be Eating

I have got to say that of all the fruits out there, bananas are hands down my favorite! They not only make a great snack but are heavier than a lot of other fruits, so some snacking on a banana keeps me full for a longer period. I also love to make banana milkshakes with some low-fat, vanilla-flavored yogurt and skim milk. There just something so satisfying about a cold glass of banana milkshake!

If there is something that confuses me about this fruit, it has to the fact that I don’t know exactly when is the perfect time to eat it. Bananas ripen after going through many stages, and although I know that I should never eat a green banana, everything else is fair game, right? Not quite!

It turns out that the fruit has different health benefits which vary given the color that it is. For example, someone struggling to keep their blood sugar in check should eat a banana when it is green.

Bananas that are fully yellow, and not spotty, are the sweeter ones for someone looking for that extra, natural sugar. They’re also the healthiest to eat, and we can digest them the fastest. The spotty bananas are excellent for people who are trying to fight off any tumors. These are rich in antioxidants and the black spots area good indication of the fact that the banana will help break down various cells in the body.

If you or someone you know is struggling with stress and anxiety, it’s safe to eat the bananas that often look bruised and black.


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