This Man Does Things With Eggs I’ve Never Seen Before. These Tricks Are Brilliant!

Eggs are an amazing food. They’re consumed all over the world, can be cooked a ton of different ways, and are very healthy. The contain lots of protein, which can help to burn fat and build muscle. Eggs have lots of vitamins and the best part – they’re super tasty!

I actually have chickens in my backyard and I have to tell you, they’re an absolute delight. Not only do I have fresh eggs every single day, chickens are really fun to keep. They live in a coop near my house and have a big, outdoor run with lots of grass and bugs to scratch at. I got them when they were pretty young and started handling them early, so they’re actually friendly little pets. I can hear them early in the morningĀ before I’ve let them out for the day.

‘The girls’ are clucking away as they wake up and a couple of early-birds (pun intended) are laying the first eggs of the day. When I open the door, they scurry out, looking for treats and chasing after my dogs. As I do yard chores or just walk the dogs, the follow me around, clucking and scratching. They especially enjoy the vegetable gardenĀ and are excellent at keeping pests at bay. Just sitting and watching them go about their daily business can provide endless hours of entertainment.

Now, you may like eggs but don’t want to commit to actually raising your own chickens just for eggs. But, there are some pretty cool things you can do with eggs without ever having to even look at a chicken. I’ve always considered myself a bit of an egg expert (eggs-pert!), but there are so many awesome tricks I didn’t know. Use a bowl of water to check the freshness of your eggs, use the oven for hard boiled/baked eggs, easy perfect poached eggs, microwave cooking tricks, separate whites like a pro, and my personal favorite – scrambled eggs still in the shell. Check out the video for these awesome hacks and much more!

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