Elderly Couple Learn Line Dancing Together While Stuck Indoors

Have you taken on a new hobby or pastime activity since staying home more often? I can’t say I have myself, but I think if you’re wanting to learn something or do something for the first time, now is definitely the time to do it. Many of us are home, we’re bored, and we have extra time on our hands. So, why not introduce something new into your life?

An older couple from Jeparit in Western Victoria, Australia named Clive and Fay Gordes recently learned something new since they’ve been stuck indoors. They chose to learn the art of line-dancing, and now, it’s their favorite thing to do together!

The couple, who normally like to keep fit via taking long walks along the river, decided to take on line dancing as it was something they could do without leaving the house. Not to mention, as plant and nature lovers, line dancing is something different from what they’d normally do, and surely, something exciting they could get used to.

Not only are they engaging in line-dancing, but the couple has been filming their dances and posting them on their new YouTube channel, which they created in mid-May. They’re too cute dancing together!

Aside from having fun dancing, Mr. and Mrs. Gordes are getting a good workout in the process. You just can’t beat a hobby that’s both fun and good for your health.

Although Clive and Fay both love to line dance, they don’t expect people to consider them experts, and becoming an expert dancer isn’t really either of the Gordes’ goals. They’re simply having fun dancing and are still practicing and learning as time goes on. But even with relatively little experience with line dancing, I’ve got to say, they’re pretty darn good.

However, for the times that they do make a mistake or forget a step (we’re all human, right?), they laugh it off, just as they should. Laughter is a good thing; we can’t be too hard on ourselves over little human errors!

Clive and his sweetheart may only have seven videos posted and five subscribers right now, but we’re hoping those numbers both grow in the coming weeks. I think it will be exciting for them to see how many people support their new hobby and hearing what their audience has to say.

Watch the couple dance down below. They seem to be having so much fun. That’s what I love to see!

Source: Ron Project

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