Dad Calls Baby Girl On The Phone And She Takes Over The Conversation

Some people are just naturally born with the gift of gab. They’re the kind of folks who can chat up a stranger one minute and be their best friend and exchanging phone numbers the next. They can talk their way out of a parking ticket, schmooze a bartender for an extra drink and negotiate pretty much anything from buying a used car to asking for more vacation days!

Yes, these Chatty Cathy’s sure know how to speak their mind and carry on a conversation. And it starts young, as seen here with this little 16-month-old darling. Her name is Emilia, and she is one talkative little girl!

Emilia is at home with her mom, and the two of them are hanging out enjoying the afternoon together. Dad is away on business but makes sure to check in on his two favorite girls every day. When he calls, mom lets Emilia have the phone so she can hear daddy’s voice, but she didn’t expect that her toddler would take the phone and control the conversation!

The video opens to the little girl in the thick of her conversation with daddy. She’s yammering away in a language only she knows and can speak, while mom lovingly records all the fun going down. “This is Emilia talking to daddy on the phone,” says mom, giggling and laughing away. Emilia is in full tilt making all sorts of sounds and saying all kinds of wonderful and colorful things that nobody except her can make out!

It’s almost like she’s a trader on the floor, closing a high profile money-making deal. She’s holding the phone while cradling it in her shoulder, and she’s pacing madly up and down the living room. The tiny girl has so much energy and so much to say! Some of her words are more pronounced while others don’t seem as important. Either way, there are pauses and breaks in between verbal outbursts, and it really seems like dad is on the other end, able to fully reciprocate in his daughter’s hilariously nonsensical language. It’s difficult to make out any words other than a barely recognizable, “num num nummies” and “buggy,” but she seems to be on a roll.

The conversation comes to a close and she says, “Buh byyye!” She even knows how to end a call! Emilia pushes the “end call” button, and the conversation comes to a close even though she doesn’t want it to! There’s no doubt that daddy’s little girl could have kept chatting for hours. What a cutie!

Click the video below to watch the full hilarious conversation!

Source: ShareTap

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