Airline Pays Tribute To Fallen Hero At Airport

There are many professions in this world that deserve immense amount of adoration. If you’re a teacher, nurse, doctor, care giver or in any other line of work where you give your time and effort to helping others, then you surely deserve a medal. And while these professions are mostly physically safe, there are a few that people take on with the notion that they may lose their lives while fighting for what’s right—a veteran being one of them.

This article is solely dedicated to those who serve or who have served in active duty in order to fight for their country. Many have returned with unfavourable mental conditions while some, sadly, were not able to return at all. This story is about the latter. It is a video that gives thanks to the fallen heroes in a chilling yet profound way.

A passenger, Julia Jette and her husband, were taking a flight from Anchorage to Seattle via Alaska Airlines. While waiting to board, an airport staff member, Denise Snow, made an announcement. She revealed that the ashes of a 21-year-old veteran would be sharing the flight. After the announcement, she persisted to sing the national anthem beautifully, as a tribute to those who have fought bravely for their country.

Luckily, Julia caught the occurrence on video with the caption, “fighting back tears,” and was able to share it with the world. Now, more people can send their positive thoughts and condolences to the family of the hero who passed.

The video, while truly heartbreaking, really is an amazing tribute to those who risk their lives every single day. It should be shared with family and friends to bring awareness to those who have lost their lives in active duty. RIP brave soldier.

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