Family Has Driven Over 5,000 People To The Hospital With Their Motorcycle Ambulance

We all know that medical facilities are available in many countries. But the access to medical care isn’t just about having a hospital nearby; it’s also about being able to afford treatment, let alone, actually having transportation to the hospital in order to get such. Sadly, not everyone, even those in developing and developed countries, is able to drive or be able to pay someone else to drive them to the nearest facility for medical assistance.

Karimul Haque of rural India is trying to change the less fortunates’ physical access to their closest hospital, which is several miles away from the villages of his community. In fact, for the past 19 years, Haque has been providing free rides to the hospital via his motorcycle ambulance.

What inspired Haque to start up his free ambulance service?

Two decades ago when he was mourning his mother’s passing, he felt a strong urge to ensure other people get the medical aid they need when they need it. That’s something he wished his own mother had. If she was lucky enough to have had transportation to the hospital in time, Haque believes she would have lived a longer life. But rather than feeling guilty that he wasn’t able to provide her with that luxury, Haque decided to make sure else nobody has to go through what his mother had to go through.

“I’m not a wealthy man, but I am very proud of what I do,” Haque admitted. “I get very happy when somebody thanks me for saving their life, and that feels very good.”

Over the past 19 years, Haque has helped over 5,000 people get to the hospital thanks to his volunteer work!

He’s also been able to encourage his family members, who also dedicate their time to helping others in need.

Outside of his family, Haque serves as an inspiration for people all around the world.

“Being a paramedic myself, this man is the definition of a humanitarian. And with very little equipment to top it off. We need more people like him in this world,” comments one man on a video that was recently posted about Haque’s volunteer work.

Another commenter believes more services like this should be offered: “This is a really good concept for a charity. Have loads of stations across the country run by volunteer ambulance drivers so more people’s lives can be saved.”

Before you go, check out more of what Haque does by viewing the video below.

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