Family Warns Parents To Keep Button Batteries From Children After Scary Incident With Daughter

There are many things parents must be cautious of when it comes to raising infants and young children. Keeping cleaning supplies out of reach, blocking off stairs, locking cabinets, and covering electrical outlets are just some of the many things that should be done for a little one’s safety. Parents are also told to keep small objects, like tiny toys, away from their children until they’re older.

Another important thing to keep away from infants and tiny tots are batteries, including button batteries. While button batteries are small, and some people might presume that if swallowed, they wouldn’t pose danger, the truth is, consuming one can be fatal, which no child would automatically assume.

Brian and Stephanie Florer, the parents of a toddler named Brianna, had a scary and unexpected experience when their little one consumed a small button battery and passed away the day after Christmas one year. Shortly after swallowing the battery, the child began throwing up a large amount of blood and, eventually, turning blue. At first, nobody knew what was happening.

The worried parents called Jay ambulance. Because they resided in a rural region in Delaware County in Oklahoma, and their daughter was in critical condition, they met the ambulance halfway at a convenience store.

Via an X-ray, it was determined that the toddler had swallowed a single button battery at some point, which had eventually leaked an alkaline substance into her body. Right away, she was transferred to St. Francis Hospital in Tulsa by ambulance as no helicopters could be flown given the state of the weather.
“They operated on her for 2½ hours, but they couldn’t stop the bleeding. They believed the battery ate through to her carotid artery by way of her esophagus,” said Grandpa Kent Vice. Unfortunately, it was too late.

And sadly, Brianna is not the only one. From 2005 to 2014, 11,940 similar cases were reported in the United States, some of which involved fatalities while others involved major medical problems.

Parents like Brianna’s warn other parents to keep button batteries, which are often located in certain toys, watches, car remotes, and other devices, out of the reach of their young kids. Never leave used or brand-new button batteries (or any battery for that matter) out where children can access them. In addition, never let your young children open the back of devices containing batteries. Some parents may place thick tape over the battery panel or, if there are screws keeping the panel in place, make sure to screw them on tightly. Likewise, it’s best to inform your kids that if a battery needs to be changed or put in place that they need to have an adult to do it for them.

Most children, even some older children, are unaware of the dangers of batteries, hence while many children place them in their mouth, ears, or nose. Dude to this, it’s vital to talk to the children in your life about the risks of using batteries as they’re not intended.

Please share the public service announcement below to potentially help save a child’s life.

Source: Ron Project

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