How To Make A Homemade Repellent That’ll Fight Fleas

Spring has sprung! Finally, after a long winter spent indoors, it’s now time to get outside! We’ve all been cooped up, humans and fur babies included! Off we go to get some sunshine, and grass, and fresh air, and long walks, and… fleas?

Yes to all of the above. While humans aren’t as likely to catch them, it’s our furry friends who are the ones these tiny beasts are after. And with fun, fabulous new weather to be happy and thankful for, unfortunately, this is the downside. But fret not. We’ve got you covered with an easy DIY flea-repellent that’s natural – and bonus! – will make your dog smell fantastic!

First thing is first. Start with these ingredients:

• Small Pot
• Spray bottle with a good mister (you don’t want one that only squirts)
• Small funnel
• Large lemon, sliced
• 1 bunch fresh lavender or 1 tablespoon dried
• 2 cups of water
• 2 tablespoons of non-alcoholic Witch Hazel

A word to the wise, lavender oil can be too strong for pets, causing irritation and potentially an allergic reaction. And if your pet is, in fact, allergic to lavender, you can substitute it for another flea-repelling herb like thyme, sage, clove, basil or patchouli. Once you’ve got everything on hand, the next few steps are simple!

First, place all your ingredients in a pot except the Witch Hazel which goes in last. As a distilled astringent, heating it up for too long will cause its benefits to become less effective.

Second, heat ingredients over medium to medium-high heat, and let simmer for roughly 30 minutes. When you see the water turning slightly purple from the lavender, you’re all set. Remove from heat and allow to cool. Oh, and another bonus? Your house will smell fantastic.

Third, once the repellent has cooled, so as not to melt the bottle, use a strainer to separate any and all of the bits and pieces from the boil. Chuck ‘em in the trash, or compost.

Fourth, now you can add the Witch Hazel, and give it all a good stir. Use a funnel to help transport into the spray bottle. If you want to jazz up the look of your solution, slide in a sprig of fresh rosemary or lavender.

Aside from the huge perks of not having to worry about fleas, at the very least, now your pets are going to be walking air fresheners!

What are your thoughts on this repellent? Let us know in the comments below! We’d also like to read about other homemade solutions you use to get rid of fleas!

Also check out another solution in the video below, to help your pups be flea-free!

Source: Shareably

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