This Marine Shows Us What To Do If You’re Drowning… This BRILLIANT Trick Can Save Your Life!

Even though I know how to swim, I still have a very real fear of drowning. I mean, let’s say you’re in some type of boating accident and you end up in the water without a life jacket… what do you do? You try to survive by treading water and you also try to help others, but the reality is that we only have so much energy. So our best bet is to find something that will help keep you afloat. [googlead]But what if there’s no such thing around? Well, that’s where Mike the Marine comes in. Mike is going to show you a lost skill that will help you survive a drowning scenario. Seriously… I had no idea what the heck he was doing, but the end result is truly incredible. They totally need to teach this in swimming lessons!

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