Flower Girl Walks Down The Aisle And Makes A Run For It Towards The Groom

A wedding is a significant event in anyone’s life, and most people are eager to spend the day with their friends and especially, their family. It’s a day for celebration and the more people that can share in that joy, the better. Weddings are big and small, casual and formal, but hopefully, they mark the special day that a new family is formed.

There are many wedding traditions, but one that tends to delight guests and makes everyone smile is having a flower girl walk down the aisle. It can bring a touch of innocence and sweetness to a formal event. Often, the little girl is a family member or close friend. In the case of this wedding video, the adorable flower girl is the couple’s one-year-old daughter. It’s so beautiful that she was able to participate in her parents’ special day.

The little one is just a toddler, and she has little idea what is going on. She’s dressed up like a princess in a frilly, fluffy dress and it’s time for her to walk down what is a very long aisle for such a little one. She looked up in amazement at all of the people in attendance. She seemed in awe of the people, and everyone in the room was charmed by her cute, innocent presence.

As she began to walk, her dad called her name, and she looked at the sea of faces, hoping to see the familiar face of her father. At one point, she even calls out to him. Finally, as one guest prompts her to “go see Daddy,” she notices that it’s her father standing at the end of the aisle. She happily runs to him and is swept up in his arms in the sweetest embrace.

I haven’t been to a wedding where the flower girl’s entrance has been this entertaining and cute. I would have loved to see this happen in person. I’m sure this little girl brought a lot of joy to the guests, adding to the experience of the wedding. Do you think the bride minded that this little girl got the attention just before she walked in? Not all! I’m sure she loved sharing the spotlight with the adorable toddler.

Watch the video below to see the entire touching moment!

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