He GRABBED Her Onto The Dance Floor. But Watch Closely What She Does Next… Whoa!

Even though I have zero training, I like to think that I can dance. And, when one of my favourite songs come on, dance I shall. But sometimes, I feel as though my self-confidence is challenged when I’m aggressively grooving to the beat, and people give me a look as if to say “are you okay? do you require medical attention?” Okay, so maybe I stink at dancing and maybe I should do a little training so that I can be less offensive on the dancefloor. But if I’m going to learn how to dance, which style should I learn?

While most of us are probably familiar with the popular ones, such as the rumba, ballroom, breakdancing, and swing, there are countless other dancing styles. And while they may not be that popular, that doesn’t mean that they’re any less awesome. Take, for example, a style of dancing called forró.

If you haven’t heard of forró, don’t worry you’re definitely not alone because most people haven’t. Forró is a style of music and dance that finds its roots in the northeastern part of Brazil. It’s influenced by the likes of the salsa and samba-rock. In other words, it’s a high-energy style that is sure to fill up the dance floor with smiles and gaped jaws. It really is a beautiful thing.

But obviously, words can’t even come close to doing forró any justice so check out this incredibly captivating video that is sure to blow you away. Make sure you pay close attention to their footwork. Of course, a huge kudos to the pair of dancers who make it look so easy! It’s only a matter of time before the rest of the world catches on to this incredible style of dance!

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