Get Gum Off Denim Gum On Denim With A Fast And Easy Solution

It’s a beautiful day, you’re at the amusement park, and you just got off a ride to discover – gasp! – you sat in gum. You are suddenly flooded with conflicting feelings, experiencing the human spectrum of emotion all in one shot, because gum on denim is a buzzkill. And anyone who has ever sat in it knows how distressing it is to deal with.

First, Disgust shows up. You’ve got someone else’s slobbery, chewed up piece of gum stuck to your derriere. It’s sticky; it’s foreign, it’s – yuck.

Then Fear comes over you. It’s a stranger’s masticated, germ-infested piece of leftover bubblegum. Then Anger because these are brand new jeans, they fit you perfectly, and you can’t believe how unlucky you are for this to happen to you. You’re downright PO’d.

Followed by Sadness. You start to grieve at the thought that you might not be able to save your designer denim. This is it. It’s over between you two. You had a good run, but you had to lose a life to the silent killer that is death by chewing gum transmission.

But, in the close distance, there’s Joy, because not all is lost! Removing gum from denim is pretty easy – all you need are ice cubes, a knife, and laundry detergent.

Lay your denim garment flat, and apply an ice cube to the affected area for a few moments. Within a couple of minutes, the gum will harden and become easier to scrape with a knife. Any leftover residue can be lifted with a spot of laundry detergent. Rub together and then toss in the laundry to restore your garment back to its glory days!

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