Caring German Shepherd Helps Struggling Kitten Walk Up The Stairs

We all need a helping hand from time to time. While it’s difficult to admit when we can’t do something without the assistance of someone else, it’s sometimes the most logical thing we can do.

A tiny black-and-white, spotted kitten named Moo may not have been able to communicate that he needed help when he was struggling to climb his owners’ stairs one day. However, the family’s German Shepherd, Tennyson, immediately got the hint that the newly-adopted kitty needed his aid. Instead of being a big bully and enjoying watching as the poor kitten struggled to make it up the steps on his own, the canine gladly stepped in to help.

In a video of Tennyson and Moo’s adorable interaction on the staircase, little Moo is behind his large brother. While Tennyson could quickly walk up the stairs, the kitten could surely yet very slowly hop up the steps one-by-one with all of his might.

Tennyson couldn’t stand to see his small brother have difficulty with a task that was so easy for him. That’s when the canine stopped climbing the stairs and picked up Moo in his mouth, so the two siblings could travel up the stairs together much faster. So thoughtful!

While in the video, we watch as Tennyson carries Moo by the head, there’s no need to worry. Some might consider the act concerning. However, Moo is doing just fine! His dog friend only had the intention to help him get to his destination.

“To everyone saying that dog wasn’t being gentle enough and could’ve/would’ve bitten its head off, let’s look at their cat moms, huh? They don’t always pick em up by the scruff. I’ve seen them pull em along by their legs, whole head, and butt. I grew up around several cats having litters constantly, and let me tell you, the mother gives no sh*ts about how the kitten feels. It’s gonna move it no matter what position they grab em in.

If the kitten had been in any pain, it would’ve made a lot of noise and struggled since the scruff wasn’t involved, which it didn’t do. The dog was gentle and the kitten is fine. Quite obviously so,” says one commenter in defense.

In fact, once the two brothers reached the top of the stairs, they shared an adorable cuddle session with one another.

It’s incredible to see a full-sized dog and a small kitten get along together so well! It’s a great reminder to us that size is just a number. Friends come in all shapes and sizes.

Watch Tennyson lovingly help Moo up the stairs below! What a sweet pup.

Source: Reshareworthy

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