7-Year-Old Giant Panda Peacefully Gives Birth To Healthy Cub At South Korea Zoo During Shutdown

Isn’t bringing new life into the world so exciting? Just finding out that you or a loved one is going to have a little one is such a joy in itself. There’s really no way to explain how you feel after hearing that news! For a minute, you feel like you’re on top of the world, like no other news could be better, and almost like you’re in a dream. “Too good to be true,” you might think, only that it is true.

Many people would say that the addition of new life is something to always celebrate. However, others might argue that a pandemic is one of the worst times to give birth. But not for everyone. It was the perfect time for a seven-year-old, female giant panda named Ai Bao and her eight-year-old mate, Le Bao, to have their baby.

Normally, the pandas, along with their adorable cub, would be a hit among guests visiting Everland Park in Yongin, South Korea. I mean, who the heck doesn’t love baby animals? They’re so tiny, sweet, and innocent!

However, with the zoo currently being shut down due to COVID-19, the furry family can enjoy their little one in peace without large, loud crowds gathering to see them. While guests might perceive that as bad news, it’s actually great that the panda family can have a bit of alone time as they adjust to life with a cub, enjoying every moment spent together without consistent interruptions from curious humans.

This isn’t to say that Ai Bao and Le Bao don’t enjoy the environment at Everland Park and the many guests that come view them daily. Rather, what people don’t realize is that pandas tend to value their privacy like many humans, especially when a baby is in the picture. With an innate desire to have some alone time and the constant feeling of being on guard after giving birth, the pandemic was perhaps the best time for Ai Bao to have her tiny, 7-ounce cub who, by the way, is deemed very healthy.

Ai Bao and Le Bao are not the only ones who like to have privacy. Two other giant panda bears named Ying Ying and Le Le apparently do too because it wasn’t until Ocean Park Zoo in Hong Kong temporarily shut down that they decided to mate after a long decade! It’s gotta be a panda thing.

I guess good things do come out of bad times. Meet the little munchkin below!

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