Mom Gets Kids To Bed With Glow-In-The-Dark Pajamas That Require Them To Stay Still To “Charge”

Let’s be real, most children don’t like to hear the word “bedtime.” For some kids, bedtime is like a short jail sentence as they have to put their toys away and retreat back to the boring bed once more — no ifs, ands, or buts. And if the kiddo has school the next day, hitting the hay can be twice as difficult. No child wants to say goodbye to the weekend!

Especially with technology in the picture, getting children to bed on time has become a growing epidemic for parents around the world. The worst part about it? No two children are exactly alike. Hence, every mom and dad must try different things to get their rambunctious children to sleep: giving them warm milk, reading them several bedtime stories, playing soft tunes, parents try it all. But if these things don’t work for some kids, what’s left to do?

Momma Jessica d’Entremont has a unique tactic she discovered by mistake!

d’Entremont always struggled with getting her two hyper kids to sleep. So, when she bought the duo their very own glow-in-the-dark pajamas, she thought maybe the fun jammies would encourage her little ones to get ready for bed sooner. But it wasn’t until her kids complained that the pajamas weren’t glowing like they were supposed to (because they hadn’t be exposed to light long enough) that the mother-of-two had a sly plan.

The mom told her mini-mes that they’d have to lie still under the light in order for their jammies to “charge.” Of course, like any kid fascinated with glowing pajamas would, they listened, staying very still on the floor waiting for the glowing action to begin.

Not coincidentally, the kids began to get tired before their pajamas were fully “charged.” That’s when d’Entremont turned out the light. The usually-fighting sisters weren’t acting up before bed, but instead, snoozing peacefully. What a relief for Mom!

Since she had extra hours up her sleeve, that first night, d’Entremont got to enjoy a glass of wine while reading a book. What type of mom wouldn’t enjoy some extra “me” time?!

One might think that the trick wouldn’t work again, but it did. After a week of working, that’s when the mom was eager to share her little discovery with other parents, who then also received great results.

But how do you make sure the pajama trick continues to work? d’Entremont found that it’s critical to keep the glow-in-the-dark PJ’s in the dark all day, so they won’t glow before nighttime strikes. Then near bedtime, that’s when the parents announce that it’s time to “charge” the jammies! Young children will instantly be convinced that the only way to get their pajamas to light up is, if and only if, they lie still under the light while wearing them, thus why d’Entremont has been successful so far.

If you have children or grandchildren, you might want to try this little bedtime trick! Pretty smart if you ask me.

Click on the video below for more information on the mother’s wise parenting hack.

Source: Relieved

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