I DARE You To Type THIS Into Google And Hit Search. What Happens Next… WHOA!

Searching for something on the internet? Chances are, you’re going to try to Google it. But Google’s been hard at work trying to make your search for answers even easier. They’ve thrown in all kinds of awesomely useful and horribly useless but entertaining tricks into their search engine. [googlead]Type the words in the images below and let the good times roll!

1. “set timer 30 minutes” – Use Google as a timer! Time to throw out my egg timer…

2. “pizza vs cupcake” – Trying to make health conscious decisions? Google to the rescue!

3. “sunrise nyc” – When does the sun rise in your city? Now you know.

4. “flight 815 us airways” – Catching a flight or picking someone up? Better check for delays first.

5. “books by heidegger” – Of course I know who he is! He wrote… uh… gimme a second…

6. “songs by creed” – Forgot the name of that song? Let me help you with that.

7. Date of a holiday? BAM! Just like that!

8. “tip calculator” – Figuring out how much to tip can be a pain. But no more!

9. “zerg rush” – Zerg rush! Calling all StarCraft fans… this is actually a game, so try clicking on those “zergs.”

10. “sycophant etymology” – Learn the origins of a word!

11. “tilt” – Tilt Google. Why? Because you can.

12. “do a barrel roll” – Or go all out with a barrel roll! Thanks a lot Peppy…

13. “google in 1998” – What did Google look like back in 1998? Well,┬ánow you can find out!

And there you have it. A lot of really cool tricks, and a lot of silly time vampires. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to waste more time with #9.

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