This Chef Reveals The One Main Secret To Cooking The Perfect Steak… And It’s Amazing!

Self-sufficiency can be a marvelous thing. So if you enjoy eating steak then learning how to cook the perfect steak is going to bring that much more joy and happiness into your life. Everyone seems to have their own way of cooking steak but few would argue with Gordon Ramsay on such matters. If somehow you are not familiar with Mr. Ramsay, he’s a celebrity chef with multiple television shows and restaurants currently holding a total of 14 Michelin stars. He’s kind of a big deal. [googlead]So when he doles out cooking tips, you better listen because you will be rewarded with culinary greatness.

Oh, and if you need a pan that can retain REALLY high heat, check out this cast iron skillet that’s a favourite among steak lovers: Lodge Cast-Iron Skillet (US) or Lodge Cast-Iron Skillet (UK).

Glorious. Anyone else hungry?

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