Grandma Finds Shortcut To Make Dirty Pool Clean Using 1 Magic Eraser

Pools are the best part of summer. I grew up lucky enough to have friends who had pools, so I’d go over every day, morning and night! I’d sometimes show up unannounced at 9 am ready to go for a dip! What else are you going to do on a hot summer day when school’s out? Now that I’m an adult, I may not show up at the crack of dawn, and I’ll probably call before I got over, but the same rule applies: If it’s hot out, I’m coming over for a swim!

Except if your pool is yucky. That moldy, slimy, slick green stuff that tends to accumulate around the trim and on top of the lining is just plain gross, and unsightly! I know I wouldn’t want to swim in that! We all know that a pool requires attention and maintenance, otherwise, no one will be getting in!

This grandma, Lisa Pack from Ohio, USA, says that much to her family’s dismay, her pool tends to turn green. “My pool has never been clear. It just doesn’t stay clear for some reason.” While Lisa doesn’t explain how on earth she thought of this, she shares the secret tip to making her pool clean, and all it involves is a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. No elbow grease, no scrubbing, no headaches and no hard work!

“Take the Magic Eraser, opened, and you put it in your skimmer.” Simply leave it overnight and check on it the next morning “…badda bing badda boom. It was green and the pool was clear!” That’s pretty remarkable! I mean, the whole pool turned from slime green to crystal clear overnight with just the use of a single, strategically placed magic eraser.

Lisa was so impressed and blown away by the success of this trick, she shared it on social media, and it lit up the Internet. “I’ve probably gotten about a hundred responses saying that they [other people] have tried it.” While she still needs to vacuum here and there to get rid of debris, this newfound shortcut has drastically cut the time she spends maintaining her pool. What a great find!

What do you think about this handy trick? Do you use something different to clean up your pool? Share your tips with us in the comments!

Click below to watch Lisa share her amazing hack! If you try it, let us know if it worked for you!

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