STOP EVERYTHING… This Tiny Hamster Eats Tiny Burritos In Tiny Video. I Died.

Congratulations, you’ve reached the end of the internet. After you see this video, there is nothing left so pack up your bags and say your goodbyes. I can’t fathom how this masterpiece was conceptualized, but it’s genius beyond words. These are the first tears I have shed since the day that I was born. [googlead]A tiny hamster eating tiny burritos. I can’t even…

A sneak peek to whet your appetite…hamster_burritos-animated


Source: Sploid

This changes everything… fruits now taste sweeter, colours are more vivid, and life is just that much better. If you have family and friends, you need to share this video with them. If you don’t and they find out about your selfish behaviour, they might break up with you. Do not disgrace yourself. Come on… a tiny hamster eating tiny burritos.

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