Mom Ends Wedding Speech To Cue In “Les Miserables” Flash Mob

Weddings are a whirlwind! The day starts the moment your eyes open. There are so many things to do and take care of and make sure everything is in line for the day to fall into place. I’ve been to weddings before where I didn’t even see the bride and groom sit down once, at all, during the day and the night. They were so busy greeting all their guests and making speeches, saying hello and being on top of the food, the drinks, the itinerary of the evening, it barely looked like they had time to enjoy themselves!

Months of preparation for one day, and it’s gone faster than you can snap your fingers. Lucky for these guys, the bride’s mother had a fabulous idea to create a beautiful moment the couple could have for themselves forever, amidst the wedding craziness.

The video opens to Hannah and David’s wedding at the Peabody in Memphis, Tennessee, USA. Mom is addressing the room and saying a sweet message to the crowd. She’s discussing how she and her daughter Hannah are always first on the dancefloor, and how much they relish happiness – and on the day of her wedding, there’s so much happiness to relish, but it just goes too quickly. Mom wraps it up by saying, “…And I just want you to take it all in. I know tomorrow you will want it to have lasted one…day…more….”

And this is where the magic happens. The song “One Day More” from “Les Miserables,” the epic choral piece comprising many solos stringed together to create one heck of a dynamic song, takes over on the speakers. The bride is absolutely taken aback. Her hands fly to her face to cover her mouth and the look of bewilderment. The solo singer is joined by other singers who keep popping up from different tables scattered around the room, disguised as guests! Even the banquet servers are in on the game, standing on chairs singing into the microphone.

This is an unbelievable flash mob that renders the bride and groom in complete and utter surprise. No one saw it coming, and it was executed remarkably well. The bride keeps turning around in awe, while her mom has to keep turning her back around to keep her eyes on what’s happening before her. Eventually, the singers congregate on the dancefloor, where the couple is standing, bringing the song to its final crescendo, a high note that tops off the surprise production with a very warm applause!

Click the video below to watch one heck of a surprise at a beautiful wedding. This was the cherry on top.

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