Bride Meets The Little Girl She Gave Bone Marrow To

I’ve always believed in angels, but now, after learning of this special story, I am convinced there’s a bigger force behind it all. I’m pretty sure I’ve had an angel following me around for a while now, and I know that other people do too. There’s more to life than what meets the eye and oh so much more that happens behind the curtain.

This is a very touching story that brings together a young woman and a 1-year-old girl who is fighting to survive. What happens next is a beautiful twist of fate that ends up bonding these two souls, most likely, for life.

On one side of the country, in Alabama, USA, Hayden, a young woman feeling lost and confused in her college days, felt heavy about where she wanted to go next in her life and career. Feeling like she had no purpose, no direction, no meaning, she was on her way to class when she saw a Be The Match sign, asking for people to donate blood marrow. She immediately walked up and felt like she had lots of questions to ask. She was drawn to the purpose, for no reason, until she got a call one day saying that she was a match was for a 1-year old little girl in need of a transplant. Hayden was moved to be able to contribute. “I never once thought about what I would have to undergo any of the procedures, no fear, nothing. I was just like YES. It was then that I really felt like what if this is what I’m supposed to do?”

Meanwhile, in California, USA, little 1-year-old Skye was born with leukemia, showing signs of the disease at only 4-months-old. Little pinpoint bruises all over her body were the first signs that something wasn’t right. Skye had juvenile myelomonocytic leukemia, a very, very rare condition that affects one in a million kids per year. Skye needed a bone marrow transplant, and even with the procedure, her chances of surviving were only 50%.

It is through this hardship that Hayden became a shining beacon of hope for the family. After the long process and all the healing that comes with it, Skye’s life was saved, and she got to finally travel and meet her real-life angel.

Click on the video below to watch this miracle that saved one life and gave the other meaning.

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