Mom Opens Door To Show 300 Square Foot RV Where Her Family Of 6 Lives

It’s hard to imagine a family of six living in an RV, but apparently, it’s as possible as it is comfortable, inviting, functional and pretty! Instantly, hundreds of questions spring to mind. Where do the kids sleep? How do you prepare food to feed everyone? Is there privacy? Does it get noisy? What do you do on a rainy day? The list goes on. I quite enjoy my space. I like being able to stretch out and do yoga or sleep like a starfish in a queen-sized bed all to myself. I love cooking in the kitchen and having people over for a dinner party. I just had to know how this family does it.

Somehow, in their 300 feet of space, mom Heather manages to take care of her family, homeschool her children and take extra special care of her boy who has a disease where he’s allergic to all food.

Heather Harger, her husband, and four kids live in this RV and are very happy with it. All of their needs are met and they get along well. On the Harger family website,, Heather says, “We are a crazy and ordinary radical family of six that left a wonderful, comfortable life in suburbia U.S.A. (by Disney World, nonetheless) to move to South Africa in order to pursue our personal calling to do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly to those who are voiceless, powerless, and forgotten. Our goal is to break the cycle of poverty and bring dignity, restoration, and transformation back to communities.”

In the video, she brings us in for a sneak peek into their home and prefers to call it a “sneak peek” because it’s a work in progress. While it’s totally livable, they are still in the process of making a few renovations. But, in the meantime, they truly have all the bases covered. Heather goes on to mention that even within their limited space, they are able to treat her eldest son Sy’s disease. Sy has eosinophilic esophagitis which means he’s allergic to almost every food and requires a very strict diet that involves a lot of preparation.

Inside, there’s a living room, a creative nook, a double sink kitchen with an eating area and extra counter space, plus two bedrooms. And, it gets even better. As Heather walks around giving the tour she says, “Ok, now up the stairs.” Yep. There’s an upstairs. That’s where the master bedroom and bathroom are!

There’s plenty of storage throughout the RV too! Every bit of space is optimized to be used to its full potential. There is a larger table outside with additional seating where most meals take place and where the children are homeschooled. How’s that for RV living?!

Click the video below to go on a tour of Heather’s humble but mighty abode!

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