Nanny Cam Captures Cat Comforting Anxious Dog While Their Family Is Away

Every animal has its own personality. However, it’s not uncommon for dogs, in particular, to get nervous or antsy as they wait for their owner(s) to get back home. Some dogs pace back and forth and keep looking out the window. Others might chew up pillows while they anxiously wait. Then there are dogs that will lie sadly on the ground, not moving an inch until their mom or dad arrive.

Joule the dog is definitely the nervous type when her family is gone. She’s always been an anxious dog, but when she’d be left alone at home, her anxiety only grew.

“Joule had a lot of anxiety when we first adopted her,” Owner Brenna Eckert said. “We worked one-on-one with a dog behaviorist to help work through some of her issues.”

While she’s less anxious now, having her favorite humans in close proximity to her still gives her the comfort she needs to feel safe and secure.

“She is certainly a velcro dog. When we are home she always needs to be close to us,” Brenna continued.

Not long later, Brenna decided to add another furry friend to the family: Kelvin the orange cat. Kelvin and Joule ended up becoming the best of friends.

“The animal shelters had given each of them a temporary name before we adopted them. Kelvin’s shelter name was Socks and Joule’s shelter name was Sandals. How ironic that Socks and Sandals make such a great pair!”

But Brenna had no idea just how close her two pets were until she set up cameras on the inside of her home and captured Kelvin and Joule’s adorable one-on-one moments together!

“We noticed that Kelvin and Joule were laying on the couch together almost every day. I moved the camera to get a closer view of the couch and was amazed to see that they weren’t just sharing the couch, but they were snuggling up against each other.”

It turns out, the dog and cat would cuddle for nearly the full eight hours every weekday when Brenna would be gone at work.

But the funniest part is, when Brenna is present, Joule and Kelvin have never been caught in the act of cuddling like in footage she captured of them.

According to Brenna, “They only snuggle with each other like this when we are not around. If we are home, Joule wants to be with us, so she basically ignores the cat.”

In the end, their cuddle sessions work out. Kelvin’s cuddles soothe Joule’s anxiety. Meanwhile, Kelvin thrives off of Joule’s warmth while he’s sleeping, and his “mellow and sweet personality” make constant cuddles with a nervous dog no problem for the tabby.

They’re the perfect Yin and Yang pair! Meet Kelvin and Joule below.

Source: Animal Channel

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