Homeless Man Helps Single Mom Change Her Flat Tire While Everyone Else Passes By

A helping hand goes a long way. Yet, in this day and age, sometimes “butting” into the business of others leaves us feeling like the bad person rather than the hero. Because of this, it’s not a surprise that when we see a stranger struggling with something, we’re hesitant to stop and ask if they need our assistance. Instead, we might just pass by them and hope that someone else will come along to help.

That happened in one incident that ended up going viral in Ogden, Utah. Shuree, a single mom, was stranded on the side of the busy street with a flat tire, not entirely sure what to do. Despite being busy at the time, nobody stopped to help. The passers-by might call it “minding their own business,” but in Shuree’s mind, she might have classified people’s lack of help as “inconsiderate” or even “selfish.”

Eventually, someone came to the aid of the woman: a homeless man named Chuck. Immediately, the man removed the busted tired and replaced it with a fresh one. What a kind gentleman!

Fortunately, the act of kindness didn’t go unseen. Anna, a restaurant owner, peered out the window to watch the scene, took a photo, and posted about it on Facebook in a post that read:

“I looked out the window to see this happening. This is Chuck .. he’s homeless and works his a** off helping every day in the cafe. This is ‘one of those people’ who gets labeled. Ya know the ones everyone wants outta sight, outta mind.. I didn’t see anyone else out helping this young lady, just Chuck .. the homeless guy.. thank you Chuck #findthekind #kindnessmatters.”

Despite the common criticisms and judgments homeless individuals receive, it’s clear that Chuck doesn’t meet the “usual” criteria. While people may classify homeless individuals as “bums,” “losers,” or “low lives,” what many don’t realize is that many of these folks actually have big hearts and are human just like us.

Fortunately, many commenters understood Anna’s intent for posting about Chuck’s selfless act: to break the stigma about homeless individuals.

“Anyone of us could be ‘one of those people with circumstances beyond our control.’ It is so upsetting to me when someone says those people. They are human beings with feelings, emotions and red blood in their veins. They cry tears, feel pain and are I have found very compassionate and caring,” says one commenter.

Chuck is a great man! Learn more about why he did what he did in the interview below.

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