After A Dog Died In A Hot Car, This Chef Did THIS… And It’s Going Viral.

Every summer the news has to remind the public to NEVER leave their dogs in a hot car. Sadly, many careless people still do and these poor dogs have to suffer the consequences. But one chef in Austria is doing something wonderful that will hopefully catch on with other businesses. Rabie Hijazi is the chef at Hayat, a restaurant at Salzburg. Rabie is all too familiar with customers leaving their dogs in their cars while they run in for a “quick” bite. [googlead]While I wish people would just be more responsible with their dogs, I’m so very glad that thoughtful people like Rabie exist.

Meet Chef Rabie Hijazi. Rabie noticed that some of his customers would leave their dogs in their cars while they dined at his restaurant.


Rabie is a dog lover. Not long ago, he heard the story of Fidji, a young boxer that died because his owner left him in a hot car while shopping. Accordingly, he felt compelled to take action…


So Rabie posted this message at the front of his restaurant (translation below). And the photo of this message gone viral on Facebook!


The message reads:

Dear Guest,

Please do not leave your dog in the hot car just because you want to “quickly” get something to eat. Bring your dog with you. We have a large terrace with sandy beach and “man’s best friend” can stay and drink as much as he/she wants.

The Havat Team

Rabie and his team had setup a beautiful play area for dogs! What a wonderful surprise!


What a great guy! Huge kudos to Rabie and his team!

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