She Rubs Her Hands On A Spoon Under Water… The Reason? I Wish I’d Known This Sooner!

Look around your bathroom and what do you see? Some elastic bands, safety pins, nail polish, an old comb… just your everyday, ordinary household items. Or are they? Could it be that they aren’t so ordinary at all? Could it be that they have super-secret special powers that you don’t know about? While some household items may have been designed for very specific tasks, much like myself, they also contain many hidden talents! You’ be surprised how much you can do with things just sitting around the house!

Check out all these incredible life hacks that make surprising use of items that are probably already lying around in your house. There’s something for everyone here, so don’t forget to share this with your friends!

1. Clothes Hanger
Clothes hangers can hang more than just clothes… use them to store your jewelry!
2. Rubber Band
Wrap a rubber band around a paint canister to remove excess paint. Way less messy than using the canister’s edge!



3. Straws
Hah! No more knots on your necklaces during storage!



4. Safety Pins
Get rid of static clings!



5. Water Bottle
Use these to easily separate the yolk! Just squeeze the empty bottle, and release it over the yolks.


6. Buttons
Store your earrings together by using buttons!



7. Kneaded Eraser
Use these erasers to remove scuff marks on wood and leather! Who knew!?



8. Paper Clip
Use paper clips to fasten your bracelets easily, without needing anyone else’s help!



9. Emery Board
Get rid of scuffs on your suede shoes by using emery board!



10. Shower Curtain Rings
Use them with a hanger to make a scarf holder!



11. Rubber Bands
Need to silence your doors? Or push and pull through easily? Use rubber bands!



12. Glasses Case
These are great for storing ear buds and other corded devices!



13. Socks
Socks can be great for packing fragile objects!



14. Laundry Pretreater
Use this to help remove stickers that just won’t come off!



15. Bread Tags
These things make for great cord labels!



16. Chocolate Box Inserts
Instead of throwing them out, use them as organizers for small items!



17. Dryer Sheets
Dust your floorboards with dryers sheets.They repel dust, making them perfect for floor cleaning!



18. Wrapper Paper Tubes
Wrap linens and other cloth materials around these tubes for wrinkle-free, compact storage!



19. Spoons
Hands smell like onions? Rub your hands on a spoon under water and you’ll remove the odour!



20. Parmesan Cheese Shaker
You can use them for so much! Use them to help plant fertilizer or store small food items, such as kernels or rice.



21. Straws
Make your flowers stand tall by putting straws near the ends, and then placing them in a vase.




22. Newspaper
Crumple them up and use them to shine up dark leather shoes!



23. Cooking Spray
Get rid of those door hinge squeaks with a spray or two!



24. Rubber Gloves
Use a rubber glove when you just can’t open that jar lid! The rubber grip will make it a lot easier!



25. Sticky Notes
Dirt and gunk stuck in hard-to-reach crevices? Use sticky notes to take care of business!



26. Wide Tooth Comb
Don’t throw these out when they’re old and gross! Use them on knotted up carpets and rugs!



27. Flower Pot Saucer
Great for storing toilet plungers and toilet brushes!



28. Shower Caps
Use them when you store your shoes so their dirty soles don’t touch the rest of your clean clothes!



29. Pillow Case
Use it as a “suit bag” by cutting a hole on the closed end, place your clothing on a hanger, and then put the pillow case over the item with the hook portion coming out of the hole.



30. Coffee Mate Lids
Put the lids over mason jars for ultra easy access!



31. Candle Stub
Use the nubs of candles for pin cushions.



32. Tissue Boxes
These boxes are great for storing old plastic bags and can be easily removed when needed.



33. Paper Plates
Protect your favourite plates from scratches by placing these in between them.



34. Coffee Filters
Make sure dirt doesn’t get through your flower pots when watering by adding coffee filters!



35. Sponges
Gently rub the rougher side of the sponge against sweaters to help remove pilling.



36. Penny
Apparently, if you add a penny and a little sugar to your vase, your flowers will last longer!



37. Mesh Fruit Bag
Ball it up and use it as a scouring pad to clean your dishes!



38. Toothbrush Holder
It turns out they’re perfect for holding makeup utensils too!



39. Pill Bottle
These are great for storing loose change. Keep one in your car for parking meters and tolls!



40. Clear Nail Polish
Use this over buttons to protect the thread from getting loose over time.



41. Soda Tab
Hangers on hangers, with some help from a soda tab!



42. White Vinegar
Eliminate weeds without expensive and ugly chemicals by spraying them with vinegar!



43. Bar of Soap
Zipper stuck? Rub soap on the front and back to help loosen it up!


Source: Good Housekeeping

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