Chef Demonstrates How To Chop An Onion Without Crying

I love food. Really love food. I can eat at the drop of a hat — anything from cold pizza for breakfast or five-star dining with champagne. And all different kinds of cuisines too. Greek, Mexican, Mediterranean, Italian – this planet just has so many delicious delicacies to choose from, it’s hard to settle on one.

But have you ever noticed that a lot of these cuisines have onions? Don’t get me wrong, I could eat mountains of fried onions for days – they’re one of my faves! – But I’m really sensitive when it comes to chopping them. I even cry if someone’s cutting them up and I’m in the next room! My mascara starts to run, my eyes start to burn, and I turn into a mess! So when I’m preparing a meal that involves onions, it’s always a really challenging labor of love because I love the taste, I just hate the cutting!

I’ve tried a lot of ways to avoid crying while cutting onions, thankfully, here’s a method that works. Internet Chef Jack Scalfini lets us in on a trick I’ve never heard of! He starts by saying that the gas that makes you cry is released when you cut into the bulb. First off, that info alone is life changing!! He then goes on to say that if you cut out the bulb, you cut out the crying. Simply flip the onion root side up, and cut deeply and on an angle in a circle. The bulb should pop out, and then the rest is all downhill!

Peel the brown layer off, cut lengthwise, “bulb” side facing down and then cut or chop according to what your recipe calls for. Simple as that, and no more tears! Thanks to Chef Jack, the worst part of your meal prep is over!

Click below to learn how to cut onions like never before! This is remarkable.

Source: FaithTap

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