Husbands Can’t Get Anything Right. Here’s Proof That Not Even He Can Deny.

If you thought you could trust your husband to help you with even the smallest task, then I have some bad news for you. The good people of the internet have gone to some painstaking lengths to demonstrate that husbands simply cannot be trusted to get anything right. While they may have good intentions, husbands are going to do what husbands do. [googlead]

1. They don’t “give up.” They seek reason to justify their inaction.

2. “Play time” is often misconstrued.

3. They barely know how to dress themselves, never mind a baby.

4. They think they’re far more clever than they actually are.

5. Their wisdom can be a bit flawed.

6. They like multitasking a little too much.

7. They have a different way of interpreting arts and crafts.

8. They think feminine products are way too hilarious.

9. They are not the best at expressing their affection.

10. They suck at wrapping gifts and think that a gift bag is always an adequate substitute.

11. They make romantic gestures while intoxicated with less-than-romantic results.

12. Their priorities leave a bit to be desired.

13. They exploit the naivety of children for their own amusement.

14. Their taste in design can sometimes be a bit… odd.

15. They get overly excited when you give them a new tool.

16. They find creative but lazy ways to break the rules.

17. They will make regrettable puns at every possible opportunity.

18. They take your favourite websites and manage to ruin them for you.

Do any of these remind you of anyone?

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