Two-Year-Old Throws Tantrum When Mom Forgets To Kiss Him Goodbye

You know how toddlers are: if something bothers them, they have no problem telling you. They’re honest, sometimes so honest that the things that come out of their mouths can be embarrassing if they’re said at the wrong place, at the wrong time, in front of the wrong people. Other times, you’re glad when they speak up. But generally, you never know what’s going to come out of their mouth next.

For a Florida toddler named Alex, he made it loud and clear when he was upset that his mother, Diana Simos, left without giving him a goodbye kiss. Mom had a very good reason for this: She had to quickly head back to work after taking time off to watch Alex’s soccer game; the clock was ticking. However, the toddler wasn’t too forgiving. He went straight to Dad to tell him his little problem, and fortunately, he caught the mini tantrum on camera!

In the video clip, Alex tries his very best to communicate as well as a two-year-old can to tell his father about the matter.

“She didn’t give you a kiss?” Dad responds in an understanding way, “What kind of mama does that?”

After the upset toddler finishes telling dad (and the camera) about his little dilemma, the kid has the most adorable response to end his mini tantrum: “Aw man!”

But don’t worry, Mom certainly feels bad about the situation. It wasn’t her intention to make Alex feel bad! Sometimes adults are just in a rush for work and forget to say their proper goodbyes.

Mom put the following in the caption of her video:


After Alexander’s soccer practice I was in such a hurry to get back to work and my baby Alex was very upset he didn’t get the proper goodbye. He had a lot to say and my husband got it all on video lol #brokemyheart #imadeituptohimthough #babyismad #icantstopwatching #lovemylittleman.”

Commenters on the video state that they hope the youngster got the kisses he wanted.

“Aww! Precious child! I hope his mommy gave him a kiss! Parents should hug and kiss their children often!” says one commenter.

But no worries, the mommy-son fight is over as Simos made up. The poor kid was still upset by the time Mom got home from work.

“I came home and was like ‘Alex, are you mad me?!’ And he was like ‘mmmm YEA’ it broke my heart and haven’t stopped kissing him since lol,” Mom continues in another post.

Finally, he got the kisses he wanted. That’s all that matters!

Although tantrums are usually things you want to avoid, Alex’s tantrum is a must-see. Check it out below!


Source: Relieved

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