Yikes! I Can’t Believe People Would Do This To Their Own Friends… The Most Devious April Fools’ Jokes!

Ladies and gentlemen, April Fools’ Day is upon us. Mark your calendar, get your guard up, and begin your diabolical planning. Short on ideas? Fear not, the internet is full of fiendish people that are generous enough to share their triumphs. So behold: master plan after master plan after master plan [googlead]Now, do these at your own risk, be safe, and keep an eye out for ensuing attempts at revenge.

1. Leave Your Friend Some Voicemails


2. Talking to Inanimate Objects

Tastefully Offensive


3. Announce Their Arrival

Viral Nova

Viral Nova

4.  Go Ahead, Eat The Middle First

Viral Nova

5. The Febreze Bomb: Pull The Zip-Tie, Throw It and Run!

Viral Nova

6. Goodbye Productivity, Hello Delicious Snack

Viral Nova 

7. I’m Fairly Certain This Adds 22 Horsepower


8. Encase Soap In Nail Polish

Viral Nova

9. Install New Office Equipment

Viral Nova

10. So Simple Yet Effective


11. Do You Know What Happens When You Mix Diet Coke And Mentos? (Hint: It’s Messy)

Fat Pita

You know what they say: knowledge is power. Even if you don’t bring one of these plans to fruition, you are now wise to them. No more locking yourself in your bedroom on April 1st, hiding in your pillow fort. …people do that, right?

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