Couple Converts Truck Into A Luxury Dream Home On Wheels

Typically, the idea of a dream home conjures up images of 5-bedrooms, multiple bathrooms, marble countertops, a backyard, and all the fixings that come with it. You can’t forget the crown molding, a stunning balcony with sprawling views, a wide driveway and a gas stove (bye bye electric!) and much more.

This couple, Iona Stewart and Martin Hill just secured their dream home, and it’s nothing like what you imagined. While it may not have all the frills, it sure does have all the thrills, and the couple couldn’t be more excited now that it’s finally complete.

Iona and Martin bought a truck off eBay for £3,600 (that’s $4,625 USD) with the idea in mind that they would totally renovate it and make it their own by converting the 28-foot box and 5-tonne truck into a liveable apartment on wheels. They spent £20,000 ($25,700 USD) to modernize and make it comfortable for two people on their trip through Europe. They’ve had a slight change of plans, however. Since the renovation went far better than they could have possibly imagined, Martin sold his house and bar, and he and Iona have moved into the truck.

The couple met in the French Alps during ski season, and since then they return every year. This year, they are bringing their happy home on wheels with them. They spent four months putting their home together, amazed at how their teamwork brought them to their end goal.  Martin did a lot of the labor on his own, while Iona, a chef from Scotland, took charge of the interior.

It’s a split bedroom style with all the modern conveniences of a home – an oven, varnished-wood working surface and a wood burning stove. There’s a living room, washroom, kitchen, one bedroom, and the best part, it’s all mobile! This home on wheels goes where they want to, when they want to and how they want to. And it’s been decorated inside to make the most of the space while still being cozy and liveable. There are nice touches and a remarkable amount of space and storage that can be found under the bed, in the closet space, and in the kitchen.

What was once a bread truck….

…is no longer a bread truck anymore!

Their kitchen even has a fancy faucet and two spice racks.

A gas stove, bulkhead storage, and counter space, oh my.

The little woodburning stove that could!

And this looks like a condominium bathroom.

And with plenty of space for toiletries.

The split bedroom…

…comes equipped with a skylight and closet.

Click the video below to watch another example of off-the-grid living quarters. This one is one heck of a gorgeous school bus and it’s home to a family of three – a couple and their 2.5-year-old little girl.

Source: FaithTap

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