Weeping Girl Gets 2nd Piece Of News That Sends Her Into Hysterics All Over Again

A new addition to the family is going to be emotional no matter how you look at it. Of course, for mom and dad, but also for the future big siblings! This is their time to shine as they welcome in their protégés, and help them learn the ropes. It’s an older sibling’s duty to step up into the world to guide their little brother or sister. Together, it strengthens the bond of the family to create a more dynamic and loving unit.

This video, in particular, is really heartwarming because this young girl just became the older sister. But, there’s also another big surprise in store for her.

Kaydence walks into the room, and upon seeing her mom in bed, she drops what she’s holding and runs up to give her a big hug. Mom gives her a kiss and says, “Meet your brother,” as she points to the left. Kaydence takes one quick look and bursts into tears right on the spot. Her sweet face crunches up, her brow furrows, and her hands travel up to cover her face as she breaks into rolling tears and starts to weep.

She is overcome with emotion. “Are you ok? Go rub his little cheek,” says mom. The girl is beside herself but makes her way over to say hi to little bro. Still crying, she’s digesting everything and trying to make sense of it all. Kaydence stands there in silence for a moment while wiping her eyes, just staring at the tiny human. She doesn’t approach him just yet, still reeling from the good news. Eventually, she gets closer to him and touches his cheek while the waterworks come flooding. She takes another pause. As if this wasn’t a big enough day already, mom has one more surprise to throw her way.

Kaydence is still gushing and processing all the feelings she’s feeling when mom says, “There’s somebody else you should meet.” Kaydence’s facial expression suddenly drops. She looks supremely confused and has no idea how to react until she turns her head and everything clicks into place.

It’s her dad, and he’s just come home four months early from his tour in Afghanistan. She runs up to him and throws herself into his arms, only to cry and become hysterical all over again. Cue the tears because you might just find yourself getting a little watery-eyed too.

Click the video below to watch his two-part shocking surprise unfold!

Source: ShareTap

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